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Personal Training or Small Group Training

Why Personal or Small Group Training?

Sometimes you just need individual attention. Personal Training is the best way to have a coach focused only on your individual needs during your fitness session.
Guaranteed that through Personal Training you will maximize your progress as your coach organizes sessions specifically written for your current level of ability. Personal Training is also a great option if you are a regular class participant but want some focused attention on technique or want to conquer a plateau.

  • You have a very specific goal you want to achieve with a limited window of time.
  • This will be a faster path than group classes as they are designed for General, well rounded fitness.
  • For example, if you are signed up for a Obstacle Race in X weeks we need to either maximize stamina, endurance, core, upper body hanging and pulling
  • strength and running technique and efficiency rather than every possible skill.
  • You have specific scaling or injury need that needs close attention.
  • If you have a significant injury history, disability, or risk factors that need a closer eye then personal training will help you and your coach work closely in the short term to troubleshoot what you cannot currently do and what you are working towards.
  • We recommend PT as the first step for anyone on an Return to Work program.

Sometimes we just want to be the center of attention. This may be a long term option for you if you prefer to establish a very close relationship with your trainer and have them watch your every move. This is also a great short term way to learn a specific skillset you may have difficulty capturing in a class environment. You like to start but still are not comfortable enough to go on to group classes? Lets schedule a few PT sessions and prove to you that you can do this.

A personal training session will be whatever you need it to be and can be scheduled at any convenient time for you that syncs up with your preferred coach’s availability. We can arrange personal training sessions for individuals and for groups up to 3 people.

Costs for Personal Training are variable based on the number of sessions per week/month and the length of the commitment.
Please call or drop us an e-mail if you are interested in a quote for Personal Training services.

Athletic Team Training

Why Sport specific group training?

Sport specific group training can be a challenge for coaches and volunteers. Often they excel in training sport specific skills but are less knowledgeable in strength & conditioning and how to prevent injuries for their athletes. Field and court time can be expensive – let us take over the strength and conditioning with our CrossFit approach for training athletes.

As a Coach or a volunteer with a sports team your time with your athletes is valuable and needs to be spent working on sport specific skills and drills, practice, and game planning. Field and court time can be costly and hard to come by – don’t spend that time where you don’t need to; Leave the General Physical conditioning to us and you worry about the rest. Team training is an efficient way to work on the likely shared general movement patterns and deficiencies we see in specific sport athletes. It is also a great team-building activity for off-season teams to keep everyone training hard and working towards a common goal. Team Training sessions allow us to combine the best parts of group fitness classes and strength & conditioning programs by developing a training plan that meets the needs of your athletes and then delivering it in a group format.

The gym is not the arena, field, track, rink or court. The best use of your time in the gym is not in replicating the movements of the sport but instead to shore up weakness and improve general physical conditioning. We focus on what will keep them on the field of play longer before moving on to improving athletic output. Your athletes will get faster, and more powerful, but in a way that decreases in-game injury risk.

Expect to see a variety of classical and modern strength & conditioning approaches in mixed modalities. Athletes will squat, pull and press to build strength, do dedicated core and accessory work to shore of weaknesses, and hit hard, time domain appropriate conditioning pieces to develop the required conditioning for their chosen discipline and to improve training efficacy. Movement quality will be a common theme regardless of age, although we will work with heavier loads as athletes get older and become more competitive.

Costs for team training are variable based on the size of the team, the number of sessions per week/month and the length of the commitment. Please call or drop us an e-mail if you are interested in a quote for Team Training services.

Corporate Training & Education

If you really want to get started with CrossFit but can’t attend our normally scheduled sessions, private coaching may be right for you.

Invest in the health and productivity of personnel

Employers have an amazing opportunity to invest in the health and productivity of their personnel. When a company supports and empowers fitness everyone wins! At CrossFit Scheveningen we have many ways to help with your Corporate Fitness culture ranging from lunch and learn sessions and corporate team building workouts to full-scale fitness memberships.

When we factor in the potential increase in day-to-day productivity from the many cognitive and health benefits, encouraging exercise is a great way to boost your output. The health benefits will lead to increased well-being and less lost-time days due to sickness or health concerns. A fit employee is also capable of higher sustained maximal output in times of need – with that deadline looming you want your best in their best shape.

Exercise is also a great way for upper management to interact with employees in an informal environment which can mean more information sharing up and down the chain and better working relationships. Employees who participate in physical activity together and share difficult experiences develop closer relationships – this means better teamwork from your teams. A fit organization also means more opportunities for team building events that don’t revolve around alcohol and food. Exercise is also a clear path to improved well-being as an individual.

When it comes to improving self-confidence, promoting social interaction, developing a routine, improving sleep quality, and defeating hypertension, exercise is unparalleled in its ability to systemically improve the day-to-day experiences of your employees.
Support your employees in their efforts to thrive – support opportunities for fitness, healthy eating, and work-life balance.

How can CrossFit Scheveningen help?

We offer 3 programs which can be used together or separately to address your different organizational needs.

Presentations (1)

We come in and talk about health, fitness, nutrition, or injury prevention in the workplace

Team Building (2)

We run a team building session at the gym with a group at CrossFit Scheveningen.

Gym Memberships (3)

A membership program designed so you can pay for a portion or the full cost of your employee’s gym memberships.

To book any of these options call or shoot us a message by e-mail and we will get back to you with pricing. Want to get together to talk about a longer term health strategy for your company? We would love to be involved.

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