About us

“We are here to help YOU!”

When stepping through our door, you will find yourself surrounded by supportive and friendly people. 






Our approach

We are here to help YOU!

CrossFit Scheveningen coaches are experts who will know to motivate, being creative and encouraging. All of this – with a high smile factor-.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to inspire, navigate and guide, showing options to live happier, fuller and longer lives, through the sport of CrossFit and fundamental principles of nutrition.

Mission statement:

Is to create a culture of inclusiveness in a place where people feel safe, supported, respected; making that lasting impact on people’s lives through functional fitness in pursuit of becoming their best selves.

Our Values:

  • Integrity:

We follow through on our commitments and promises. We are patient, respectful and trustworthy.

  • Humble:

By staying curios and willing to learn. We are open-minded and trust in the process. Thankful for every opportunity.

  • Inclusive:

Inclusiveness is key as making everyone feel at home. We value and respect each other for who we are as individuals. We are committed to one-and-other, individually and collectively – our strength is our community.

  • Hard Working:

We are persistent and determined to continue on, even if it’s difficult or uncomfortable in order to reach a higher goal or outcome.

Our mission is to have you achieve your fitness goals in a healthy way, within a (likeminded) friendly community. The CrossFit program we advocate is founded on results based training. Together with basic nutrition principles making it a combination for success. Your success!

Because whatever your current fitness level or experience is, we will listen and find that way to move forward together and become the best version of yourself!

Coaches will help you make decisions about appropriate scaling of workouts. Doing them RX’d (as prescribed) is not the goal; doing the best version of the workout for you is the goal and will be enforced as needed. Please maintain a dialogue with your coach, ask questions, and seek feedback when you are unsure what to do.

From time to time trainers may approach you and ask about your nutrition, lifestyle, attendance, injuries, and goals. We hope you don’t find this intrusive, but we want to take an active role in your progress – don’t think we are singling you out!

Our Team

  • Vincent Diephuis
  • Iris Diephuis – Borgmann
  • Madelon van Zanten
  • Matt Bennet
  • River Diephuis
  • Melanie Visser
  • Tom Verboon
  • Stanley Petronilia
  • Jenna van der Pol
  • Sanne Ham 
  • Nanda van Tol

We take pride to say that it needs more than just a Box to deliver good quality CrossFit!

Therefor we have built a secure team of professionals who have got the skills to help you set up the right strategy and provide guidance to reach your goals. Some of you will have goals on gaining muscle, some of you on losing weight or wanting to have better technical skills, solve some mobility issues or just become fit.

Rest a sure that our Team is there to help and provide you the assistance needed. Whether you are looking for Nutrition support, Athlete programming or Advanced Personal Training – team CrossFit Scheveningen will be right there next to you to serve and monitor.

Vincent Diephuis

Box Owner

Vincent Diephuis

CrossFit Scheveningen

Vincent Diephuis

Fittest on Earth 55+

Winner of the CrossFit Games 2021

Iris Diephuis - Borgmann

Box Owner

Iris Diephuis

‘Mountain Mama’

Founder and Business Manager
2013 our CrossFit hobby, became our profession.
My role at CFS is managing the business side of our box.
Makes sure that everything at CrossFit Scheveningen works with efficiency, that athletes can have their ‘Happy Hour’ at the box.
Sports background: Competitive skiing and horse riding as young girl; Dutch Champion Snowboarding, Dutch Champion Agegroup45 CrossTriathlon

Favourite WOD : Filthy Fifty
Favourite Quote: Go with the flow
Favourite Food: Seafood

Manon van Zanten

Affiliate Manager

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Matt Bellet

Head Coach

Matt Bellet

Matt began his CrossFit journey in 2012, becoming a professional coach in 2016. When not picking up heavy things repeatedly he’s probably reading/watching science fiction/fantasy, gaming, or enjoying the beach.

Matt is a coach that believes in fitness for all bodies and backgrounds.

River Diephuis

CrossFit Coach

River Diephuis

Youngest coach on the team. Gets absolutely hyped when he sees athletes becoming better at what they do. Has done a wide range of sports throughout his life but remains a very passionate surfer.

Melanie Visser

CrossFit Coach

Melanie Visser

Tom Verboon

CrossFit Coach

Tom Verboon

“My extensive sports background is a result of my career as a Physical Education teacher. I take great pleasure in instructing and helping athletes enhance their abilities. Additionally, you may often find me dedicated to enhancing my own CrossFit skills, as I firmly believe in the constant pursuit of personal improvement.”

Stanley Petronilia

CrossFit Coach

Jenna van der Pol

Facility Manager


Sanne van der Ham

Facility Assistant


Nanda van Tol


Facility Assistant

Our Community

Our box hosts a great community of athletes that train together to improve their fitness, health and overall well-being.

Your goal is our mission!

All activities strategically support our goal becoming the best! We are setting our self a higher standard quality CrossFit at this prime location near the beach including a new extended WOD + Open GYM Schedule and services like Individual Athlete Nutrition Coaching, Athlete programming and CrossFit Personal Training. With a full calendar of events and free to attend workshops on many interesting food, dietary and skill based themes, we are bound to keep you busy and motivated to the bone!

Come and join our valued community …

Our social media

With our Social media team we provide daily updates with fresh pics and CrossFit related “need to know news”. Next to Instagram, you will find that our in-crowd Facebook page “Beyond the bar” is a fun platform to be connected with, staying up to date with everyday CrossFit knowledge, interesting recipes etc.

Contact / Our location

CrossFit Scheveningen is the largest fully ROGUE equipped CrossFit box in The Hague and surrounding areas. It’s easy to reach unique old warehouses located in the historic fishing harbor of Scheveningen makes your visit, to her 1200m2 of CrossFit playground, more then worthwhile. Protected by sand dunes we are just 50 metres separated off white sand beaches, sea, surf and boulevard of Scheveningen.

We love to have you visit us!

Visafslagweg 50
2583 DM Den Haag
Phone +31 (0)628298558

E-mail: info@crossfit-scheveningen.nl

Kvk: 62446479

VAT: NL 8548.21.478.B.01