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SportBit App
free of charge!

As our member we provide you the popular SportBit App free of charge to prepare for, track and celebrate your workouts with our CrossFit community!

This multi-functional app on your phone is a very powerful tool that guides you through our daily Work Outs, explaining exercises and tracking your personal achievements. Best Experience software for your personal CrossFit results!

Features to Push Your Performance

Gym Whiteboard

See the details of the workout and any announcements from your coaches before you head to class.

Percentage Charts

For every lift, SportBit does the math for your 1, 2, 3 and 5RM attempts.

Workout Tracking

Record your WOD results, take notes, and track PRs and progress.

Daily Scoreboard

See how you and your friends performed, sorted by result or alphabetically depending on your thirst for competition.

Friends Feed

Stay up-to-date with your workout partners.

Fistbumps and Comments

Encourage friends in your CrossFit Box.

Personal Logbook

Record workouts done in and outside the gym

Privacy Controls

Multiple levels of privacy to ensure that you are in charge of your information.