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“It’s time to get in the best shape of your life”

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You know that mantra: “just show up”! We will make it the best hour of your day …

To be your best self means loving who you are, feeling confident in your own skin and achieving your fullest potential.

May 25th & 26th



Foundation of fitness and health starts with what we put in our system. A diesel engine can’t run on petrol- an athlete’s body can’t run on a bad diet. We believe in a healthy and balanced approach, cutting out the bad stuff and more of the good.



Our box is located in the harbour of Scheveningen right next to the beach. Freedom and beach mentality are in our DNA; go for a stroll on the boulevard before coming in, go for a swim or hit the waves with your fellow athlete’s after a tough WOD, or relax in the sun with a cup of coffee at our CrossFit cafe.



Training with us means you’ll experience workouts like never before. We will push you to become the best version of yourself in every training. Just show up, and we’ll make it the best hour of your day. The results will speak for themselves.

Why CrossFit?

If you want to improve your overall fitness, improve your body composition, restore function, and feel better; CrossFit may be the right choice for you. Athletes vary widely in age from 17 to 65+ and come from a variety of athletic backgrounds. The majority of our new members have limited to no experience with fitness or come from a single exercise background (e.g. running, rowing, team sports or a traditional gym routine) but still need to learn the basics.

Many others have been previously involved in fitness and sport but are trying to regain their fitness after some time off or an injury. If you want to lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, move better, or even improve your sport performance dramatically CrossFit can work for you. We strongly believe that CrossFit is the best path to overall fitness that will last for a lifetime.

The other huge advantage to CrossFit is that it uses a community approach to fitness. Group classes help you get together with a diverse group of people who share common goals; from it you will develop friendships that will last a lifetime. The shared experience of challenging but rewarding workouts and the gentle pull of your new friends will help you stay committed to your fitness pursuits. When you need that final push, the group will be there to help.

What will a class be like?

In CrossFit every class will be different to a certain degree. We use constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity as the foundation of our program. This means that every day may follow a different format. Expect workouts to vary in length (time), difficulty, intensity, and modality (movements or exercises) from one day to the next.

We use exercises and equipment from as many disciplines as we can manage; expect a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, bodyweight or monostructural conditioning movements, and accessory strength work put together in limitless combinations.

When taking part in our classes you are actively coached and closely monitored. Expect to be taken through a structured group warmup, a strength or skill session, and a conditioning workout on most days. To get a feel for what a class may look like, check in with us and book your free triallesson online today.

Every CrossFit gym is different

Every CrossFit gym is different because we are not franchises. Freedom and beach mentality are in our DNA; we like to enjoy live, workout hard and stimulate athletes to learn and play other sports regularly.

Open 7 days a week

We are open 7 days a week and currently offer 55 CrossFit – Mobility – Strength-& Weightlifting & Endurance classes as well as 46 Open Gym hours weekly from 7 AM in the morning till 9 PM in the evening at a variety of times. Check the timetable for our “Daily Schedule” in our menu at the top of this page for more details.


Open Gym at CrossFit Scheveningen

Open Gym access to work on whatever you like. It is an opportunity to do more than just classes! Some people use it for extra technique or accessory work, others for extended warmups and cooldowns, and still others to throwdown a cool workout they saw online. Open Gym is there for you to use how you see fit as long as you are moving safely, with sound technique, and conscious of others around you.

Our competitive athletes use Open Gym to complete the pre and post workout pieces for the day while others may follow their own programming entirely and train by themselves. All kind of athletes who need to recover from an injury or compete in sports other then CrossFit may need to use Open gym to follow their sport or recovery specific programming as well as to prep for a competition.

Most, however, will use it as a supplement to the regularly coached classes. During Open Gym you are not coached but there will be staff around to assist you if you have questions about equipment use, space, or flow. However, if you are looking for 1 on 1 coaching, Open Gym is not the solution; you should instead book a Personal Training Session with one of our coaches. Open Gym is included in your membership at CrossFit Scheveningen – we do not offer Open Gym only memberships.

Priority at CrossFit Scheveningen always goes to our scheduled CrossFit classes and services. Please do not bring your full kitbag into the gym; we kindly ask you only take what you need at that time and return it to the bag storage area when not in use in order to minimize your footprint. Also respect the timelines for space given and the equipment needs of the classes. On a day we have programmed rowing or biking intervals please don’t expect to be able to use that equipment during class time – it will not be available so plan ahead.