Getting started

“It’s time to get in the best shape of your life”

We believe very strongly in enforcing safe, efficient, and proper movement patterns for all of the clients and athletes that train with us.

New to CrossFit

Transferring in from another box

Personal Training

New to CrossFit

At CrossFit Scheveningen we will do everything to guide you safely through the workout. As a new member you will be coached with a personal touch. Your coach will scale exercises when necessary, as he is focusing on proper movements and technique. The very basic movements will be performed safely and efficiently, feel confident as practice makes perfect.

“We all started from scratch”!
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Transferring in from another box

You are more than welcome if you have been doing CrossFit at another registered CrossFit affiliate. Join in and share as we will ask about your experience level, goals, and where you trained. Also we keep a closer eye on you in the beginning as we want you to be are adequately experienced, move safely and efficiently in our group class environment. Send us an e-mail or stop by 15-20 minutes ahead of class to get signed up.

Personal Training

If you really want to get started with CrossFit but can’t attend our normally scheduled sessions, a Private Coach may be right for you.

Additionally, if any of the following apply you may find the Private Coach can offer you a better solution getting started:

  • If you have very specific performance goals for a sport.
  • If your goals include significant weight loss
  • If you have orthopedic injuries, adaptation requirements, or mobility limitations
  • If you are pregnant or just had a child
  • If you are brand new to exercise
  • If you have trouble staying accountable
  • Private coaching can happen in 1 on 1 sessions or in small groups of individuals who know each other and want to register together (up to 3 on 1).
  • We have a special rate in place per half hour!

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We encourage you come and attend a free trial session with us so you can meet the coaches and get a feel for the gym. For more details on attending a trial, the CrossFit program, regular membership or any other query please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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