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Book your FREE trial lesson NOW! – call: 0627063857

By CrossFit | In Onze Box | on juni 29, 2020

CrossFit indoors will start as of comming Wednesday July 1st

After a successful 7 weeks of outdoor group training we are thrilled to share the news that CrossFit indoors will start as of comming Wednesday July 1st.

Be confident as we conform to the federal governments’ safety and health requirements and prescriptions.

This is why we have a protocol in place when, how and what to do joining the indoor CrossFit Classes.

New CrossFit enthusiasts are welcome to join our community.

Book your trial lesson NOW call: 0627063857


Indoor Training WODs:

Although group sizes are not a limiting factor anymore presuming that the 1.5 meter distance and Covid standards can be met, CFS has decided for safety reasons to keep the limit on classes to a maximum of 12 athletes. For Open Gym a maximum of 10 athletes is in place.


The “workout” will be published on SugarWOD as normal, and the session will be led by a coach as usual. The distinguishing features of new indoor training WODs are: group size and operational protocol (see below). We are confident that this setup will offer you as our athlete a quality and most of all save workout experience.


New indoor schedule:

Have a look at our new indoor schedule in Who’dWOD.
Some interesting stats; as we are open for 42 hours across 7 days a week, CFS provides her athletes a total of 48 hours of CrossFit WOD’s & 33 hours of Open Gym!

This – in its existence – is a new record for our box;).


Unlimited Access:

Thank you Athletes for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for CrossFit Scheveningen during this quarantine period.
As a token of our appreciation we promised you more CrossFit in return!
All CFS athletes with 2 WOD and 3 WOD memberships are given one month of
unlimited access as of when the box will open its doors again for indoor WODs on July 1st.


Unlimited Memberships
For athletes that have committed themselves to our most extended membership plan, we would like to offer you the choice of one of the following options:
A – voucher for a 30min session of Personal CrossFit Coaching.
B – voucher for a personal nutrition advice
All vouchers are to be redeemed within the first 2 months after the box opens its doors to all members again on July 1st.

With these gestures we like to again say “thank you”!


Format & Protocol:


  1. Before/Upon arrival to Indoor training WODs
  • Please make sure you are 100% healthy and free of symptoms regarding the current COVID-19 virus. A list of symptoms can be found via the RIVM.
  • Use the hand sanitiser upon entry of the box
  • Respect a minimum of social distance (1.5m) between all individuals at all times
  • As from Wednesday July 1st Athletes can book their preferred time slot 7 days in advance, using the Who’d Wod reservation system
  • The WOD is published in the SugarWOD app every night at 8 PM.
  • Before coming into class, read the layout of the WOD carefully by clicking on “athletes notes”



  1. During the Indoor training WODs
  • Yellow markers on the gym floor show the minimum of social distance (1.5m) between all individuals athletes participating in a WOD
  • To ensure a save flow of athletes entering or leaving the WOD we have limited the duration of the Indoor training WOD at 50 minutes (this includes transition and cleaning time)
  • Each dedicated workout spot is marked with yellow tape on the Gym floor
  • There are 12 spots per session, leaving a large enough distance between athletes at all times
  • After every session the material should be cleaned and stored by the athlete
  • Cleaning material is present at the workout area


  1. General
  • Although locker rooms are accessible, we do advise – as space is limited here – to come and go in your training clothes.
  • Shower and Toilets can be used again
  • The bar is open in the morning hours, and self-service cooled drinks from the fridge available
  • Seats and benches however are not installed


Leaves me to say what a great team of athletes and coaches we have at CrossFit Scheveningen.



Eat Clean – Life Live – Train Hard


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