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Woensdag 26 November Fundamentals test

  • CrossFit Teens! The Next Gen going strong!

    By CrossFit | In Onze Box | on oktober 23, 2018

    This month CrossFit Scheveningen started training the Next generation of CrossFit! Young athletes of age 14 till 18 are training Strength Cardio and Gymnastics in a well balanced program. Join in every Sunday @ 9.30!

  • Today’s Work Out “FGB”

    By CrossFit | In Onze Box | on augustus 13, 2018
  • Results 2018 CrossFit GAMES

    By CrossFit | In Onze Box | on augustus 6, 2018

    Fittest on Earth 2018 Congratulations to: Man 1(1162)MAT FRASER 2(942)PATRICK VELLNER 3(886)LUKAS HÖGBERG Woman 1(1154)TIA-CLAIR TOOMEY 2(1090)LAURA HORVATH 3(1020)KATRIN TANJA DAVIDSDOTTIR

  • CrossFit Games 2018 “Are ON”

    By CrossFit | In Onze Box | on augustus 3, 2018

    Watch all the action live on Internet Fittest on Earth 2018 The elite: The global fitness community turns its eyes to Madison, Wisconsin, as the world’s finest athletes showcase the heart and determination required to be named Fittest on Earth. Be part of the festival……

  • CrossFit Scheveningen “Battle of the Beach”

    By CrossFit | In Onze Box | on juli 19, 2018

    Saturday July 7th our annual Battle of the Beach was on! This year’s competition was again a great success. Having so many more buddy teams competing in our Battle for fittest CrossFit Scheveningen team on our local BEACH. Great weather and great atmosphere bringing out the best out of every athlete. Grinding down 5 WOD’s […]

  • What a MOVIE!

    By CrossFit | In Onze Box | on april 3, 2018
  • By CrossFit | In Onze Box | on maart 12, 2018

    SUNDAY 18TH MARCH ICE & BREATHWORK WIM HOF METHOD FROM 13.00 HR- 17.00 HR Met Lilian ‘Kai’ Vrolijk & Kim Padding IMPROVE your WORKOUTS, overall POWERboost, increase strength and ENDURANCE, sharpens FOCUS and determination, FASTER RECOVERY, boosts physical achievements, get healthier, ect.. Interested? Crossfit Scheveningen hosts this lifechanging experience with Lilian Vrolijk and Kim Padding. […]

  • Starting your year “The Paleo” way?

    By CrossFit | In Onze Box | on januari 16, 2018

    Starting of the year “The Paleo” way! January 10 till February 9! We organize A 30 days Challenge to give you a change to explore another way of living or better said way of EATING. There are prices to win in 4 different categories: 1 Muscle Mass Gain 2 Fat loss 3 CrossFit Total increase […]


    By CrossFit | In Onze Box | on december 21, 2017

    Christmas time…… We wish you and your family much love and succes in good health. CrossFit Scheveningen will be closed for Work Outs on December 25 and 26 (Christmas) and 1st of January (New Year’s Day)!

  • GP Judo trailer production @CrossFit Scheveningen

    By CrossFit | In Onze Box | on oktober 18, 2017

    “The Hague Grand Prix Judo 2017” CrossFit Scheveningen has had the honor of hosting Judo Champ Frank De Wit. In his Promotion Video Production Frank is using our equipment to show how CrossFit strength and conditioning training benefits him as a top athlete. We wish Frank all the best reaching for yet another gold medal. […]

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